Upside Down Change

I am the frequent recipient of friend’s woes. I don’t complain about this because I truly love supporting and helping people wherever and however I can.

But I must be honest; refusing to create change irritates me. It takes more energy complaining about something than it does to actually change it. I was thinking last night how duality plays a role in every single tiny facet of our lives. In some areas of our lives we embrace change and seek it out, yet in others we dig in our heels and hold onto the doorframe for dear life.

Changing our hairstyle or buying a new car is welcomed and fun.
Changing a bad habit or thought pattern is steeped in fear and avoided at all costs.

So I was thinking, what if we turned it all upside down? What if we resisted material change and pursued meaningful change? How would the world look?

Industries would not be consumption based as people would reject changing their material possessions. It would be awesome, it would impact our value systems, society and the environment.

We would see an entire population dedicated to personal growth rather than personal showmanship. Evolution would speed up and each generation would jump our race forward in leaps and bounds, rather than waiting every 100 years for significant mind-set changes to take place.

Imagine the implications: equality between the genders would truly exist, religious disparities would disappear, abuse of both the self-inflicted and other-inflicted kind would be a thing of the past. Every human being would be spending their time actively healing and growing.

Except… in order to change into a better version of ourselves we first must have the desire to do so, even if we don’t know how to make that happen.

I have to keep reminding myself that the ability to positively and consciously change is a learned skill, that the belief that we can change our circumstances and be awesome humans in any areas of our lives is not something we are born with.

I would LOVE it if we all had this little seed within us, I believe we are getting there. In the meantime I would also love it if less focus was given to latest fashion trends and more was given to how we can treat each other and our world better.

So I guess I am saying – unless you are willing to actually put in the damn effort – don’t complain about it. And also don’t speak to me about fashion. Please.