Overhaul the 4 quadrants of your life in 12 weeks with confidence, courage, and direction. You will regain your focus, move past indecision and make the big changes that are needed to once again feel connected, happy and fulfilled in both your personal and professional life.



    There has been a deterioration in your primary relationships, leaving you feeling lonely and disconnected
    Constant exhaustion and feeling trapped has become your norm
    Sleepless nights, anxiety and indecision has begun to impact your work and health
    You are worried about the aging process and if time is passing you by
    You are questioning the purpose of your life and looking for meaning
  • You desperately want to make changes but you fear loosing what you have
    The perfect life that looks so good on the outside, is no longer feeling good within


Change is scary, and the older we get, the more we fear risking the familiar. But familiar won't bring you the authentic and meaningful relationships and experiences that you want, taking bold and measured steps will.


  • Clearly define how your new life looks, feels and functions
  • Strategise and unpack the steps and changes that will be necessary to achieve your vision


  • Look at stagnated and outgrown habits, actions and relationships within each sector of your life.
  • Emotional (the quality of your relationships, your needs and your self-worth)
  • Mental (your passion, focus, communication and interests)
  • Physical (your health, energy levels, activities, and sexuality)
  • Spiritual (your sense of meaning and purpose, inner peace and vulnerability)
  • Meet and greet both your conscious and unconscious fears.

03 Roll-out change strategy

  • Daily and Weekly actions and behavioural change to move you forwards.
  • Review of the previous weeks actions and planning for the following week.

04 Transformation of old habits and beliefS

  • In conjunction with implementing your change strategy, we will continuously check in with your fears and always seek to integrate your new ways of thinking, feeling and acting.
  • Often our goal and vision shifts over time as we move away from our fear and towards our truth, we will adjust your course if necessary and remain fluid and open to the possibilities coming into your new awareness.



Sonia is warm, attentive and gentle – she gives support and encouragement from her heart and is unfailingly professional. I feel that in Sonia I found a coach custom-made to guide me through the matters that mattered and launch me into action. I would like to thank Sonia for having my back while I travelled some unexpectedly sensitive and complicated emotional paths, and for ensuring that my direction of movement was ever forward and upward.



When identifying a single phrase to describe my coaching experience with Sonia, my mind inevitably concludes that she is a “blessing in disguise”. Sonia’s heart centred, positive and fun personality makes her easy to open up to, making the coaching process so much less formal and rigid. Her value-centred guidance challenged me to think beyond just my career and to utilise and capitalise on my passions and strengths, many of which I wasn’t able to see without her support and guidance. 

This boosted my self-confidence to persevere and push through some trying times. Most importantly, she helped me remember that loving yourself is key to everything. That “gaining new knowledge and skills is epic- but remember the space in between” she would always remind me. Sonia was without a doubt a divine messenger to me during a time of some tough decision making on both a personal and professional level.

I always felt lighter and energised after our discussions. If you are seeking a coach, she really is amazing! Call her NOW!



I would like to describe what happened as follows: I came to Sonia as an injured bird with little if no belief in myself. I was weighed down by the stress and strain of my professional work and years of wanting to be someone other then the monster I felt I had become. With Sonia’s support, help and strength the little injured bird grew stronger, learning to fly and believe in himself in order to take on the flights he always wanted to go on but knew he could never achieve in the past. Now the healing bird can do those marvellous flights, can achieve and create miracles in his own life, but also in his work life and his wider social life. Thank you, Sonia, you made it possible for me to do.






I work with high-achievers who are resisting the change they want in their relationships and life experience. My clients are usually self-starters, disciplined, motivated and understand how to take action. I place a large emphasis on inner transformation as fear and pain are large success blockers, for this reason my clients should be open to having their mindset challenged and be willing to experience an authentic and deep journey into self.


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