Empowering Women through their Childbirth Choices

For all women with healthy pregnancies who want to arm themselves with knowledge and avoid unnecessary interventions.

Author and mother Sonia Killik, urges and empowers expectant mothers to take back control of their bodies and their births. In a medicated world dominated by caesareans, interventions and impersonality, this step-by-step guide navigates the world of childbirth procedures.

It provides an in-depth account of all the options available to expectant women – from midwives and doulas, home and hospital births, and all the drugs and interventions in between, leaving the reader fully-equipped, knowledgeable and ready to choose the method of their baby’s birth.

By sharing her own personal experience of pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding, this book is an honest, empowering and highly readable guideline to childbirth.

  • Learn about each birthing method available to you
  • How your birthing choice affects your baby and yourself
  • Pre and post birth guides and support
  • Breastfeeding and formula choices

If you read only one book before birthing your child, this should be it.