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The Light of Duality - Sonia Killik

The Light of Duality

We all entwined in a myriad of ropes that both strangle and propel. Our genders, societies, cultures, dreams and deepest desires – nothing escapes the rules that duality imposes. Even within the freedom of our souls or the supposed autonomy of our minds –


Musings on the Mountain

I love the mountains – especially when they’re coloured white and far away from any town or person – I feel more myself when I am immersed in their majesty than at any other time. I used to visit them often, either to walk their paths or board their slopes.

Recycled Atoms - Sonia Killik

Recycled Atoms

I am currently reading Bill Bryson’s A Short History of Nearly Everything and the section on atoms and quantum states has had me deep in thought the last few days.


What Doesn’t Kill You…

I consider myself an overly positive person – there isn’t much that can get me down, at least not for long. However the question must be asked: what the fuck is up with 2016?


The Art of Being Judgemental

I had to stop what I was doing to write this post because what I have just read stopped me in my tracks. My retired parents are, as we speak, embarking on a cross-oceanic cruise where there will be no land in sight for days on end.


Taking back the power of childbirth

    Article by Victoria Taylor   NEED TO KNOW: Birth (F*ck Yeah) by Sonia Killik is meant to bridge the gap in information regarding different methods of childbirth, giving the power of choice back to expecting mothers. Right off the bat, you can tell that childbirth is a subject close to Killik’s heart, and […]


Rise Beautiful Women, Rise

Earlier today I was giving an interview about on Birth. Within 5 minutes I had become tongue tied while bouncing up and down in my seat. I was acting this way because I had reconnected with my deep passion


Oxytocin and Childbirth

By medicalizing birth, i.e. separating a woman from her own environment and surrounding her with strange people using strange machines to do strange things to her in an effort to assist her (and some of this may occasionally


How to Act Crazy: Lesson #1

Last night Lulu slept at her dad, on these nights I manage to (usually) sleep early because I am relieved from kiddie duty for the evening. This means I can work for my allotted hours and finish at a reasonable time,


Upside Down Change

I am the frequent recipient of friend’s woes. I don’t complain about this because I truly love supporting and helping people wherever and however I can.


A Single Mom on Dating

For some reason in my post divorce life, I seem to be surrounded by a lot of male friends. During various (and annoyingly frequent) discussions around my dating status, the fact that I am a single mother seems


Supergirl Sucks

This week I became the supremely happy owner of fast internet. In order to celebrate this long awaited event, I spent the evening watching upcoming movie trailers (the closest I get to actually watching a movie).