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Metaphysician and self-development specialist Dr. Sonia Killik, Mpsy.D, is a leadership and excellence coach. Her passion is human potential and coaches her clients to transform their lives from pain to success. She has spent many years contributing to both national and international publications, writing about all areas of the human experience and psyche. After qualifying as a metaphysical psychologist, she opened a life coaching practice and has been a sought-after contributor in the areas of personal empowerment, and change implementation.

Sonia is the author of Birth: Empowering Women Through their Childbirth Choices and Coach My Life: How to Shake the Past and Shape Your Future. She was the columnist for Me Magazine and was awarded the Outstanding Community Honour for promoting the human rights and empowerment of women. In addition to this, Sonia was recognised by Marie Claire as one of the Female Green Warriors of the Year.

She is the extremely proud mother to a vivacious and fearless daughter, owns an enviously impressive bookshelf, is a clandestine poet, is easily seduced by adrenalin and has a sense of humour that will either have you blushing or laughing, but never bored.

Quick Stats

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    Books written.

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    Ninja attacks thwarted.

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    Rock faces and mountains climbed.

  • 922, 76330, 001

    Problems solved.

  • 65, 43582, 0025e15

    Cups of coffee savoured.