360 Coaching with Sonia Killik


A one-month coaching program focused on specific life goals

R360 for 360° change, the kind of change that is tangible, measurable and result-driven. You choose which group to join, one or more. This is a powerful, effective, and action-based way to empower yourself and step fully into your personal freedom and power, all accessible online and at your convenience.


I not only want to bring the power of coaching to your life, I want to help you avoid the mistakes I made and the time I wasted getting to where I am now. I have walked in your exact shoes; from becoming super fit, to working on my beliefs, thriving after divorce and figuring out how to fill myself with love. I have packaged all my knowledge and experience so that you can get there faster and avoid the road bumps that I had to stumble over.

R360 a week (R1440 for the full program) is an accessible option for more woman (yes I know what it's like to build yourself up again after financial set backs). This platform is a way for me to empower more women using the enormous benefits of community, support and online learning.

* Please note this program is available for women only *




4 Hours of live coaching with me over Zoom (1 x hour a week) together with your other group members. If you miss your live session you will be able to download the recorded session from the resource section and watch at a later time.


Permanent behavioral change through action-based learning. This method is one of the most effective ways to retain knowledge, learn new skills and form new habits.

Step-by-step action steps in a PDF workbook available each week to keep you progressing towards your goal and integrating your new learning.


Online community with the 360 Group members to bounce ideas, offer support and stay motivated, all within a closed and private platform (interacting with others increases your learning by 69%).


New habit-forming reminders to your email,  earn badges to help you measure your progress and a whole bunch of other cool features to stop you day-dreaming about change, and actually live it.





Our belief systems shape every action that we take, our relationships and our quality of life. In this goal, you will learn how to live consciously and harness the power of your mind, stop procrastination, and transform beliefs so that you can manifest the life that you want. Start experiencing what it is like to live with courage, clarity and confidence.


Our vitality is at the cornerstone of our lives, in this goal group you will transform your relationship with food, learn how to exercise effectively and how to ensure that these new habits become second nature to you. You will not only be guided on how to become the healthiest version of yourself physically, but learn to access your mental and emotional strength as well.


Beginning with the relationship that we have with ourselves, we will delve into the process of healing in order to experience more love, build your confidence, make peace with your past, and step more fully into your personal power. These are skills that you will use throughout your life as you evolve, benefiting both your inner and outer relationships.


Recovering mentally, financially   and emotionally  after a break-up can be a long road, but it doesn't need to be. Thriving after divorce or a separation can not only be a reality for you, but you can enjoy the process. In this goal we cover support structures, forgiveness, single parenting, rebuilding and more. Give yourself the gift of growth as you begin your new life.