When exhaustion, resentment, a lack of meaningful relationships, disconnection and emptiness have become your new normal, it is time to courageously choose again. Experience a 180 degree turn around in your health, relationships, life satisfaction, work, happiness and energy.

When exhaustion, resentment, a lack of meaningful relationships, disconnection and emptiness have become your new normal, it is time to courageously choose again. Experience a 180 degree turn around in your health, relationships, life satisfaction, work, happiness and energy.



    12 weeks of intensely focused private sessions while you transform the key areas of your life
  • Regain your focus and make the right decisions for you
  • Overcome the fear of what you will lose and embrace the possibilities of an authentic future
  • Reconnect to experiences and people that bring you meaning and happiness


    Motivational and outcome-based talks
    Exco leadership structure and vision
  • Team and individual coaching for mental wellness and growth within the workforce 
  • Internal mentorship program to foster skills transfer, staff loyalty and support


    Step-by-step modules to make healing and transformation simple
    Carefully designed course structures to build confidence, self-worth and success
  • Access anywhere, anytime, grow at your own pace through self learning
  • Expert partners to deliver the richest experience of self-development there is


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Serious about self-development?

10 modules to walk you through the process of healing, mindset shifts, relationships and abundance


As a life coach, I employ metaphysics, psychology and personal experience to help high-achievers rediscover their true selves while redefining what stability and risk-taking means.

Dr Sonia Killik Mpsy.D



Honestly, I answered the questions before reading your feedback and it leaves me in awe. I have said this to you before, I have no idea what brought us together, I was not a massive believer in the coach/self-help space and had never posted or sent a single message on Linkedin. Meeting you has been a life changing experience.

The best way for me to respond to write up the impact you have had across our three goals. I believe that your influence in my career was massive and almost impossible to quantify. You helped bring clarity, strategic direction and actions and accountability. As we discussed, I feel that looking forward this is a fundamental that I wish to keep.

I found you to be the most valuable confidant through my divorce. What I have valued the most about your approach, was that you heard me, you understood me, but you challenged me. There was countless session where I left with things you said and thoughts I had, that made me consider what my heartache and pain would not. [...] I believe you have helped me, be a better father, ex husband and person in this parting.

Finally, me. Your process understood me, it broke me down and you saw through the defensives that I have used to charm and avoid the truths of who I am. Our sessions were raw and emotional, I left feeling exhausted and liberated. Whilst we found my faults and looked to heal the response, you helped me see the good and the future. I struggled to acknowledge that I was worthy and deserving. You made me see that and that feels amazing. That creates such a beautiful thought in mind about my next life and what feeling is going to be like. Thank you Sonia, I leave our engagement a better person and excited for my future.


Sonia is one of the most emotionally intelligent people I know. When I first met Sonia over LinkedIn I was not uncertain about whether she will be able to help me. I expected to go through some type of process that came out of a book. I am sure many of the processes we followed may have very well been learnt, etc. but Sonia made the everything seem so natural and flowing. Sonia often said to me that she admires the courage that I have to enter into these sessions; but the truth be told; she is really the courageous one as it takes someone really special to help other people in need and bring back the life we want to live. The life we live is sometimes difficult and it gives me comfort to know that Sonia is there to help when I need it.

The connection and energy that I have had with Sonia during our sessions are amazing. Often the discussion point that I would raise would be something that has already come to her mind before our sessions began. This alignment strengthened our conversations and I am truly invested in the experience and process. There is a real understanding of the challenges I face, and she is masterful at breaking it down and getting me through it.


[ ... ] Sonia has a natural and contagious energy. She is sharp, witty and so good at realising the opportunity for you, understanding where you are both personally and on a business level. She highlights a roadmap of what to do to get to where you want to go. I had staunch realisations through processing my life with Sonia. I was so grateful for the deep work we did and looking back now, I doubt I would have made it through the hard lockdown in our country (and my industry collapsing) as well as I have without her coaching guidance.

Sonia enabled tools and techniques to unlock what was holding me back in both my business and personal life. If you are looking for a way to better manage your life, deal with deep trauma, or improve your relationship with Self, I recommend Sonia without hesitation and I look forward to furthering my journey with her in the future.

Thank you, Sonia – for all of your effort, love and guidance on my coaching journey – I am forever grateful to you!


I have spent my life going inward through various means – therapy, meditation, regression therapy, plant medicine…you name it I have tried it. Your process, your presence, your soul, and your commitment have moved me to actionable closure and movement. Thank you! 

You have a gift that everyone deserves to experience. Not once did I feel you were “being a therapist” or “being a coach”. You were a supportive friend who made me feel safe, comfortable, and open enough to explore some hard truths about myself. I loved your morning meditations and readings – I looked forward to hearing what you had to say and learn from your wisdom. You are creative and inspiring!

I can not thank you enough Sonia, you are a beautiful soul! xxxxxx


All the while I thought I was answering to others, in reality, the only 'other' I need to answer to is myself. Past beliefs do not bother me anymore. You have the present and what you make of the future, so damn it, just do it! In something a whole lot larger than a nutshell, this is what Sonia Killik has, in such an effortless manner, relayed to me. I cannot thank you enough Sonia, you employ all the joy you find in this world, salute!




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